Refuge Christian Center

God has blessed us with a building so that we can meet as the body of Christ; we have been given the responsibility of forming other ministerial gifts. We are currently in the stage of restoring the building and bringing it into compliance with the city of Leicester, Ma.

History of the Building:

Built in the 1840s, the building was originally designed as a place of worship, or a church; when A small group of members first held Methodist worship services in the Town Hall in 1842. Only four years later, two Methodist churches were built in Leicester, this one, Wesleyan Methodist, and the other, Methodist Episcopal, in Cherry Valley. In 1867, both groups joined together as Wesleyan Methodist, and continued to meet in this building. In 1892, the church was “beautifully refurbished” and served the congregation for 37 years as the Sanderson Methodist Church. However, membership decreased and finally the church disbanded. Leicester Grange #390 bought the building on April 24, 1929. Known as “the farmers’ association,” the Grange emphasized projects in home and community services such as sponsoring the “annual fair” and providing the original bandstand. Until September 14, 1988, when dissolved, the Grange was the center of activity for many Leicester residents. The building was empty for only a short time. It was purchased in December 1989, and returned to its original function as a place of worship for the Church of Christ and later to be sold in May 2006. Since then, the building was used for a retail lighting store until June 2022, when we purchased it to be restored again as a place of worship; completely dedicate to the serves of the Lord.

Once the building is up and running, we intend to develop the ministry gifts of each believer who comes to us with a desire to serve our God. We do not seek to establish a Mega church as many do today; instead, we will concentrate on the work of restoration of each individual that the Lord sends to us. We have a specific ministry assignment that we intend to fulfill with the Lord’s help and to bring glory to His Holy Name. In no way do we claim to be better than other places of worship, nor are we competing with others; we only want to accomplish the divine assignment that the Lord has entrusted to us. Our prayers are that other places may also be used for the glory of God, and that they may also achieve God’s divine purpose; there is much work to be done, we just want to be able to serve in that work.

Besides preaching the Gospel of Christ, we are planning to render a service to the community of the city of Leicester, Lord willing; in which we can help the elderly with a meal, winter jacket, etc.

We are a non-profit organization, legally registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as such; the entire cost of the renovation has so far been covered by us with God’s provision. If you would like to donate to this ministerial project, you are more than welcome to do so. You can contact us through the form below:

We would like to thank you for your time, and we pray that our Lord will continue to bless you and yours.

Pastors Janice and Peter DiGioia

Pastor Rev. Jay Werman

You can contact us through the form below: