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Many fallacies and speculations has been used by false teachers to describe “The Third Heaven”, but what The Scriptures says about it? That’s exactly the purpose of this posting. We will explain the following questions:

Where is The Third Heaven located?

Who are the inhabitants of Place?

Is The Third Heaven a literal or spiritual place?

What are the biblical requirements for any being to be acceptable to enter to The Third Heaven?

Is Paradise same as The Third Heaven? No, these are two different places according to the Scriptures. Paradise is located in a section of The Third Heaven but is not the same place. We will post every passage that explained it.

Does The Scriptures revealed the physical location of The Third Heaven? Yes.

Many born again Christians had kept their pagans ideas and doctrines after becoming a new creature, especially the description of God’s Heaven. The reason for this is the lack of spiritual growth and the teaching of God’s Word.

We will nothing but The Scriptures to explain this subject.

Thank you for your support and May our God keep blessing you!!

Let’s review some key passages that are used in connection with The Third Heaven:

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” Gen. 1:1

-First, this passage shows the order in which things were created; Heaven was created first and after that The earth was created.

-Second, The word “Heaven” is connected with God’s Heaven, which means that God created Heaven first, along with all the heavenly inhabitants. Notice that the word “and”, which is a conjunction used between Heaven and Earth, and it is used a lot in chapters 1 and 2, it implied “the action that followed after something was finished”. This action doesn’t necessarily mean that it took place right away, but rather it expressed the sequence of the event. Most people read Genesis chapters 1 and 2, and they assumed that every event described in these passages took place immediately. When God created the universe and everything involved with it, we need to keep in mind that such creation was executed in accordance to the nature of each specific type of creation. In other words, the universe was created according to the design that God had for each galaxy and planetary systems. On earth God created the atmosphere in perfect harmony with the rest of the universe and with the rest of the creation such as vegetation, animals and humans. We must be clear on something, God created the inhabitants of His own Heaven first, which includes angelic beings, or animals. Wait a minute, animals in Heaven? Yes, there’s animals in God’s Heaven. But the substance of these animals is different from the animals from earth. This substance is spiritual in nature, but that doesn’t mean that they are intangible. When people think about spiritual essence, they immediately think something without a form, or shape, but The Scriptures refers to spiritual beings as having their own form, or image. God is a spiritual being but that doesn’t mean that God is without form, shape or image. God’s substance is spiritual in nature and different from anything that was created by The GodHead. Observe what Jesus himself said about the essence of God’s nature.

“God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth” John 4:24

Jesus never stated in this passage that “God was a floating cloud or spook”, as many people had assumed but rather Jesus is referring to the spiritual nature of God. In the entire bible we can find more than 20,000 statements about God as a person and not just some floating cloud or ghost. Jesus expressed the literal reflection of God’s image in complete perfection. Heb. 1:3

“Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express IMAGE OF HIS PERSON, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high”

So, Genesis 1:1 clearly established that God created the Heaven as His place of ruling His own creation. Right after He created the earth and placed the pre-adamites upon the creation with the purpose of testing their loyalty and obedience to God. If they were found obedient and loyal after the trial, then they were rewarded with eternal responsibilities. This event happened before Adam’s creation, when earth was ruled by lucifer’s kingdom. Isaiah 14:12-14; Ezequiel 28:11-18. The Bible doesn’t disclosed the length of time of lucifer’s ruling upon earth but Lucifer become wicked and corrupted everything that was under him. That’s why judgement came upon the creation and the earth became empty and void as it is described in Gen. 1:2. God cursed the earth because of the rebellion of the pre-adamites and everything was destroyed by a universal flood. Jeremiah 4:23-27 described the judgment and destruction of the pre-adamites. God did not created originally the earth empty and void as it’s clearly stated in Isaiah 45:18 but rather became in such condition because of the rebellious act of Lucifer and the pre-adamites. Jeremiah 4:23-27 fits exactly between Gen. 1:1 and 1:2, which explained why the earth became empty and void. In fact, the Hebrew words used in Gen. 1:2 “without form”, which is “tôhû” and “void” which is “bôhû”, both words are the same used in Jer. 4:23.

“And the earth was (became) without form (tôhû), and void (bôhû); and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters” Gen. 1:2

“I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was (became) without form (tôhû), and void (bôhû); and the heavens, and they had no light” Jer. 4:23

“For thus saith the Lord that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, HE CREATED IT NOT IN VAIN (bôhû), he formed it to be inhabited: I am the Lord; and there is none else” Isaiah 45:18

Let’s considered the following question; Why God created the earth? In Isaiah 45:18 states that God created the earth TO BE INHERITED. there are some people that believe that the earth will be empty but that is just another fallacy. The earth will never be empty. Another reason why God created the earth is because He will move His capital city from the Third Heaven to planet earth and God will rule the entire universe from the earth. Now, here is how The New Jerusalem will be moved:

Revelation 21

“And I saw A NEW HEAVEN and A NEW EARTH: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. Verse 1

And I John saw THE HOLY CITY, NEW JERUSALEM, COMING DOWN FROM GOD OUT OF HEAVEN, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. Verse 2

And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God”. Verse 3

So, once the Heaven and the Earth are cleansed by fire, God’s Holy city will descend upon the New Earth. God is ruling the universe presently from the Third Heaven but it will be move to planet earth after all the rebels are destroyed, which includes the casting of Satan, the fallen angels and demons into the lake of fire. Rev. 20:11-15. The main purpose of Jesus’s ruling upon the earth for 1,000 years is to destroy all the enemies of God. 1 Cor. 15:24-28. After that God will purity planet earth with fire and He will establish His universal ruling from the new earth.

Is The Third Heaven a literal place? Indeed it is. Many people are teaching of a mystical or invisible kingdom of God, but The Scriptures doesn’t teach that. Every passage of The Scriptures speaks of a literal kingdom, where God will rule the universe from a literal city, which is called The New Jerusalem. Let’s review some passages that refer to The Third Heaven as a literal place:

Heb. 11:8-10

“By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went. v. 8

By faith he (Abraham) sojourned in the land of promise, as in a strange country, dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise: v. 9

For he (Abraham)  looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God” v. 10

Abraham “Looked for a literal City” and not for some mystical or intangible city as many are teaching today. How can we prove that this city is literal? Because in verse 9 says that Abraham “sojourned in the land of promise, as in a strange country, dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise”. Did Abraham walked in a mystical land? No, The tabernacles where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob dwelled while in the promise land was mystical or intangible? No, it was a literal tabernacles. So, The land, the tents, and the people involved in verses 8-10 were literal, so is the city. God is the “builder and maker of this city”, which is named The New Jerusalem in the book of Revelation. The Word of God has never made any statements about a mystical city. In the contrary, when it comes to The subject of God and the city that is located in the Third Heaven, these statements are always in a literal sense.




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